Poem – Cleansed Through Smoke and Fire

On the earth I walk with light steps
and place fallen branches in the pit.

To the sky I gaze through pine trees
and watch smoke disperse to the heavens.

To my future self I set the path,
wash away the dirt, and cleanse the soul.

Poem – A Moment in Time

For a moment in time
I saw the future
as I quickly let go
o the past.

In the moment I
saw the beginning.

Of each moment I
held on as long as possible.

I did not know how much
time I had left.

I do not know where
I am going from here.

Fading light

Fading light

Fire is coming

Fire is coming


Poem – Purpose

I stand on the rocky shore
beneath old cedar arched toward the sky
and I lose the layers I have delicately built.

This scene never tires, never gets old.
The sun rising from the calm water
reflecting the morning mist.

In moments of solitude when the circling
raven further deepens my roots
I find my true purpose here and now.

Poem – Uncertain

“I have been here before.”

A distant memory surfaces
detached from the here
and now I fail to place
when and where.

Uncertain I have become
of my place in the physical world
bound by rules and limitations
choking and smothering the spirit.

That sunrise knows no bounds
stretching beyond what I can see and
I believe it is my mind listening
to the music of invisible particles

on a non-stop journey through infinite space
and existing in the sight of those who are ready.

Familiar and Uncertain

Familiar and Uncertain

Poem – The Eye

Across vast distances
of land and sea

the road is lonely,
the conversation sparse.

In the furthest stretches of the soul
we feel alone and cast eyes

to the emptiness up ahead in the future
and look back to the past

wondering how we ended up here
but we are greater than what we see

as we are in and soaked in the universe
and that eye ever watchful is our awareness.

The Eye

The Eye

Poem – Hidden Sun

Alone in the fields within the changing forest
the sun plays a game we have no influence over

that we witness from a state of peace and calm
as we are allowed to be here and hear the whisper

of the wind through the remaining leaves and the
distant cascade of the river into the sea.

Hidden Sun

Hidden Sun

Darkening Fields

Darkening Fields

Poem – A Natural State

Guided by instincts pushed aside
by life’s demands to survive each day

we quickly find our place steeped in
wood, water, sand, and the sun.

As the morning rises from the
sea’s depths we close our eyes

and feel each ray of light
and the warmth of our creator.



October Sunrise

October Sunrise

Poem – The Mind Focusing

If my mind were turned inside out,
flipped, and away from the lantern

in the middle of one field, I imagine
when I gained some semblance of control

it would manifest as the mind realized
in another field coming into focus.

The Mind Realized

The Mind Realized

Field Coming into Focus

Field Coming into Focus

Poem – Wandering The Path

Wandering the path with
eyes closed I let myself

find a way through this world
with decreasing interference

with less attachment to the
things that mar the life being led

and I think I can do this alone
until I open my eyes and see you.

The Way

The Way

Poem – The path

The road, the path never ends.
We only change the direction
with a distant thought of
a destination, of a purpose,
that changes before we arrive.

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Poem – Late Summer

With the charged air wavering
between summer and autumn

we walked beneath the canopies
throwing scattered light on

faces thankful for the sun
thankful for the peace within the city.

Thinking only about my feet
and where they land next

I closed my eyes and kept
moving along the path

I opened my eye and I was
cast between here and there.

Poem – Into the Sun

I awoke that missing day
disconnected and lost
from what I thought I was
and who I wanted to be
so I searched around the room
and climbed out the window
and walked down the only road
into the sun.

Where the road ended and the forest began
the trees moved to the silent wind
scattering evening light across
my face.
2015-08-01 16.28.12
2015-08-01 12.02.55 HDR

Poem – Winter’s Song

I lost my breath in the empty field.

Lost in the blinding snow.

Thrown over the mountain tops.

In the silence I heard winter’s song.

I ran across the iced field in near darkness

my bare feet light and swift as I cast

no shadow and left no trace.

I ran across the iced field until it gave way

to the infinite valley filled with the missing sun

and I fell slowly and forever into the

sun as my body and mind separated.

From across time I sang winter’s song

at every breath.


Poem – In Nature

You do not have travel far
to find or be in nature.

Sometimes it is hanging on
the door waiting for you.

2015-07-18 06.54.23